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Registered as a foundation in 2001 in compliance with the Law on Foundations of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia Business Links (IBL) promotes good corporate citizenship and partnership for development. We are committed to providing information and a better understanding of CSR amongst companies and other stakeholders in Indonesia. Read more..

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Thumbnail Managing multi-sector partnership is extremely important in achieving inclusive and meaningful...
Thumbnail As the world has become more complex with increased concerns about limited resources, growing...
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Calendar of Events

August :

  • Skilled Youth: Lifeskill Training
  • Skilled Youth: CSR Submit Citi Foundation
  • Skilled Youth: Entrepreuners Awareness and Training
  • Muda Terampil: Lifeskill Training
  • Muda Terampil: Technical Skill
  • Business Ethics: Launching event guidance on Anti-Corruption Compliance
  • One-day Training Partnership Batch II

September :

  • Skilled Youth: Job counseling Workshop
  • Skilled Youth: Technical Skill
  • Skilled Youth: Job Fair
  • Business Ethics: Integrity Summit
  • A 4-day skills development course for those involved in brokering and managing multi-stakeholder partnership

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What's Hot?

  • Indonesia Integrity Initiative
    A collective action of private sector which is aimed to strengthen business integrity in Indonesia
  • Youth empowerment
    An initiative program to increase employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for unemployed and underemployed youth in Indonesia
  • The 5th International Conference on CSR & Expo


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