IBL Conferences on CSR

Every two years, IBL has been organizing international CSR conferences since 2006, which present both international and national perspectives on CSR contributed by IBL's partners. Representatives from multi-national and national companies and state owned enterprises together with local CSR experts will discuss and explain the challenges faced when building partnerships for sustainable develoment in the Indonesia context. Such event, typically is attended by around 500 participants, incorporating Exhibition during the 2 day-conference.

Non-Conference Events

  • CEO Network Meeting
    IBL hosts CEO network meeting quarterly with the objective to discuss hot issues related to CSR, to obtain endorsement from top management of existing partners, as well as to appeal to new corporate partners. The format is either breakfast or lucheon, usually attended by approximately 30 to 50 CEOs

  • Workshop/Seminar
    Learning Forum, workshop or seminar serves as educational session about the right definitions of CSR as business strategy and hot issue of CSR. These events held in order to share and enhance knowledge about CSR parctices, provide extensive networking possibilities for multi-sector partnership development and be a learning forum to explore solutions for sustainable development.