1. What are IBL main areas of work?
    • Business Ethics
    • CSR
    • Sustainable Business
    • Responsible Business Practices
  2. What does IBL provide to its Stakeholders?
    • Information
    • Networking
    • Knowledge
    • Partnership Building
    • Advocacy
  3. Why companies join IBL’s mission?
    • Solid learning forum : CSR learning forum
    • Visibility of corporate good deeds: Media and website
    • High profiling: CSR Conferences (4 times since 2006) and events
    • Robust Collective Actions: Business Ethics (including but not limited to Anti Corruption), Youth Empowerment, and Green Business
    • Access to international CSR Network (including the ASEAN CSR Network)
    • Facilitation through 1 on 1 matching program or open networking forum
    • Hub of CSR expertise in the form of information, resources (IBL Associates)