Business Ethics

The mission of Business Ethics Program is to empower private sector in practicing ethical, sustainable, and responsible business through continuous learning.

IBL believes that practicing business ethics is an important component for competitiveness and sustainable of Indonesia private sector. As a developing nation, Indonesia is still grappling with issues of ethics and governance .

This program has been continuously implemented since the early stage of IBL. Main mission is establish good understanding and inspire private sector and their key stakeholders on ethical practices in business, build their capacity, and to foster collective action against corruption.

Together with like-minded partners, both from business and civil societies, as well as government (Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission), IBL has empowered over 4000 business executives and decision makers through workshop and training in more than 27 cities in Indonesia. IBL’s publications have been practical references on how managing ethical dilemmas on facilitating payments, avoiding gratification, based on true/real cases compiled from all over Indonesia. Through media (e.g. radio talk-show at SmartFM 95.9 MHz), IBL continuously outreaching to wider listeners in more than 30 network stations in Indonesia.

Since 2011, IBL together with several partners, build and foster a Collective action, which recently known as the Indonesia Integrity Initiative.